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ONE 24 To Retirement

When I first was introduced to One24 I must admit I was a bit skeptical. In fact after watching the pay plans plan overview I quickly dismissed it without honestly taking a look at its true overall potential.
I didn’t understand the One24 compensation plan, I didn’t understand how this plan would make me any money. All I saw was $1.50 per person and it took me back to nightmares I had in past companies that were too good to be true but only paid out at $1 dollar per person, which I won’t name any names.
That was almost a year ago and since then things have changed dramatically. What I didn’t recognize is that One24 is not your traditional MLM, in fact they are not even in the category of MLM since their compensation plan has set themselves apart from other network marketing companies. One24’s compensation plan coined Incentivized Referal Plan, is designed to set anybody that sticks with it, up for a very generous retirement income. In fact, later in this One24 review I will show you how you can generate a few thousand dollars in recurring income by doing almost no work.
I want to give you a very in depth review of the One24 organization which includes it product and the revolutionary compensation plan that is creating insane amounts of buzz over the internet. Although I am proud to admit that I am a member of One24, I will stand by my standard of giving you both the positives and negatives of this company so you can make the best decision for yourself if One24 is right for you.
One-24 is Multi Level Marketing company founded by Mark Seyforth. Mr. Seyforth is a long time veteran of the Network Marketing industry that started one of the first milkshake diet companies. Later he went on to be one of the primary manufacturers of the Herbalife product lines.
First before you start reviewing the On-24 opportunity you have to turn off that automatic switch that many people have concerning a health and health and fitness product oriented Mulit Level Marketing company. Mark Seyforth has been truly innovative with One 24. With the unique concepts he has in play it is quite possible that One-24 has overcome some of the negatives typically associated with Multi Level Marketing.
When you are considering starting in a home business your first concern is about making money. When looking at a health and wellness MLM company you do need to consider the products. With an MLM company the income is designed for long term residual and for that to happen people need to continue purchasing the product and that is where many companies fall short.
The One-24 product line is a super food supplement called Natra Burst. Many top nutritional experts highly recommend everyone use a super food supplement. The daily nutritional requirement are just not achieved in the typical diet even with people that eat a very healthy diet. The mass production of fruits and vegetables has significantly reduced the nutritional value.
We aren’t a laboratory but we have done comparisons of Natra Burst to similar product and the pricing is very reasonable. Most of the top super food supplements are around $60 a bottle.
The monthly auto ship and only cost associated with becoming a One24 associate is $60. Very low cost to start a business. Spending $2 a day to increase your health and wealth is a very small price to pay.
Compensation Plan
The compensation plan is what sets One-24 apart from the pack. They have a truly revolutionary compensation plan that is designed to mitigate many of the negatives associated with the typical MLM opportunities. Will it? Only time will tell but they have some great concepts.
One of the downsides to typical MLM opportunities is the compensation plans highly favor the big producers and quite often leave the little guy out in the cold. This is one of the biggest problems with MLM opportunities because it leads to the huge attrition rates. With MLM’s you make money when people in your down-line continue purchasing products. Typically the new members get started and commit to an autoship but they drop that quickly when they aren’t receiving an income.
The One-24 compensation plan addresses this in several ways. First the nature of the linear compensation plan allows people to earn money off of the efforts of those top producers in their line. Also for the new members is the silver bonus pools. People in their first 4 month have the opportunity to share in a bonus pool of 8%. This is only for members in the first 4 months. This is designed to let those people realize an income and to make it past that start up hump and continue on in the business. The number one reason people fail in network marketing is they quit before that actually get started.
The One-24 concept is you sponsor one person every month for 24 months. Now when you get started yo get 24 green tickets. You can use one of these tickets each month to bring someone off the waiting list and into the business. You aren’t required to make a minimum of one person a month. In fact you only need ever refer one active person to earn money. Each month on the 24th they begin the gold rush. Anyone that hasn’t used their green ticket that month their ticket becomes available for others you use. When this happens you give up your green ticket and it becomes a gold ticket. The person that uses that ticket to bring someone off their waiting list will be splitting the profits associated with that ticket user with the original green ticket holder up to the first $200 a month. This is another example of the smaller producers being able to tap into the power of the top producers. If you don’t use your ticket that month and someone else does you can still earn up to $100 a month.
One24 has 4 different income streams designed to reward the new affiliate and the top producers as well. One-24 pays out 50% to the field. In every network marketing plan there exists breakage. This occurs when people drop out. So income they would have earned is not distributed. With One-24 they roll that breakage money back into the bonus pool so they actually pay out a true 50% of total income to affiliates.
One-24 has some pretty cool marketing. First the concept of having to be on a waiting list is a good marketing technique. The best way to get someone to purchase a product is to tell them they can’t have it.
The video presentation is done very well. The video are kept short and hit several hot points. When the founder introduces the compensation plan he predicts it will go viral. That is a huge buzz word today. He also hits a lot of emotional hot buttons when discussing retirement income, the ability to earn money without without referring people and by showing how people could earn a huge income with only personally referring 3 people.
This is a very unique approach and the compensation plan is well designed. Unfortunately it really comes down to how it is perceived by potential members.The concept of the waiting list is very innovative but people never like to wait, so will they wait or go find someone else to start with? What happens after your 24 tickets are gone? The big question is will this compensation plan mitigate those negative attributes of MLM and increase the overall success rate. Only time will tell.
I do not believe that One-24 MLM is a scam. By all accounts, Mark Seyforth is a stand-up marketer and business owner. The compensation plan looks potentially very lucrative, and if you can say: “Take A Look At My Website and If You Are Interested, I Will Put You On My Waiting List”, then you can recruit for this business and make money with One-24. It is really pretty simple, and will work if you can do this consistently and make sure that the people that you recruit can do the same.
I will fully admit that I have not been a fan of the traditional MLM “recruit a massive team” business model but I believe that the One24 compensation plan is unique and offers the masses a greater chance of success. The key is team duplication and marketing consistency, which I teach. And being able to get in on the ground floor is cool too. The flip-side of that is a very high percentage of start-up network marketing companies, particularly those in the ultra competitive nutrition niche, go out of business within a couple of years (just when you’ve finally built a decent sized downline!). I believe that will not be the case here, due to the experience of the management team and the planning that went into deciding to launch the company.
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We have just past the $100,000 commission mark!

We have just past the $100,000 commission mark!

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GDI Fails test at The Average Joe and Jane Marketing System

Upon the initial prelaunch of the Average Joe and Jane Marketing system,GDI (Global Domains International) was offered as a program to test your feet after learning,from the program.Upon carefull observation people were turned off by GDI because of attempts and failures with the system in the past.So the average joe and jane have eliminated the GDI program.The Average Joe and Jane Marketing System is a family oriented system that will help you build your downline. We work together as a team and our support is the best on the internet.

If you have failed in the past in MLM, programs, fast cash money systems, this is the right place for you. If you are new to the internet marketing industry, this place if for you. We are not professionalsor millionaires, we are people helping people make money online. We are not going to bring you into this system without help. We all know everyone needs help getting leads, signups, and referrals for their business. This is where the marketing system comes in. The Average Joe and Jane Marketing System is a free system and come with tools, applications, support, webinars, classes and much more.
We have the support and Administration! We offer full support from all sponsors and upline. Your upline is responsible to help you get the word out about your business. Plus, the system administrator will promote your referral links on your behalf. Meaning any companies that you join within the marketing system, we will provide free advertising for you to get the word out about your business. This triples your chance to get signups with any businesses we are affiliated with. Remember, the System, upline and yourself will be promoting your referral link, so this will triple you chance to get a sign up. We will also do the same for your downline until each and every one of you get your 5 members on your 1st level. This is an amazing way for you to make money online. You cannot fail here. Upline, system, everyone will help you make it.

You have a potential to make a full time income, all you have to do is participate with our marketing system and you are ready to make it happen. We have members in the system that have been there and done that with a lot of other systems, so we have gotten together to make a change within the marketing system. We do not need any gurus, we will work together to succeed.