Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Most powerful Marketing system on the internet

Hello My friends I’m here to tell you of The Most Powerful Web 2.0 Marketing Software of the Future and the Business to go with it.
First I will tell you about the software
If you can send an e-mail you will automatically be an internet Marketer this system upon the opening of the e-mail will go straight to a customized movie with your recipients name integrated.It will explain the system it self,and then move on to the product.All the while it is empowering the viewer to want to get in and trains them as to what is involved.The system will also weed out the “TIRE KICKERS” totally interacting with them with 10 short questions.Moving on,you can watch in total real time ,when the e-mail was opened ,what part of the movie they are on,what the answers where to the questions,and how many times they watched it.If you want the system will e-mail you or text you when some one is viewing.Secondly it will see if they want the product alone or ask them to continue on for the whole system.It will also follow up for months to ask them to come back to view more or buy some product.Near as I can see “IF YOUR NOT IN IT YOU WILL BE WATCHING IT”

http://GaryMarquis.ME for more info

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