Thursday, July 29, 2010

Follow the Basketball

From 1946 to 1964 a group of people were born and named the"Baby Boomers".When the "Baby Boomers" were introduced to Gerber baby food and BOOM Gerber became a multibillion dollar company.Next the "BOOMERS" were growing up and playing, and "Boom",Hasbro,Matel,and other toy companies became Multi-Billion dollar companies.Now Follow me closely,The "Boomers" Have to go to school but there wasn't enough to go around so "BOOM" the most schools built in this time frame was the most schools ever built in a single time period to date.
OK Are you still with me?The "Boomers"move into their Teens and "Boom"companies like DairyQueen,McDonalds,Burgerking,Kentukey Fried Chicken.Do you see what I mean about all the trends begin with the Boomers?You want more proof?By now it's the 70's and because Mom and Dad said "you can't do that under my roof" so they all got into realestate,and "Boom" the biggest housing Boom the industry ever saw.In the 80's the housing industry went down and hasn't really gone back.

So what I'm trying to tell you is stay ahead of the trend.The 80'and 90's brought us the internet, the computer software "MicroSoft",And one of the wealthiest men in the World "Bill Gates", a"BabyBoomer".So what do you do now? What are the "Boomers"thinking about Now? Well I'll tell you, how about Health,feeling good,Skincare,money for retirement,security,and finally enjoying the rest of their lives.These trends will explode there is no way they won't we are in our 50's and want to start to enjoy all we have worked for.

So a little about why I wrote this article,there is a growing trend for "Boomers" Shopping for their groceries on-line.I have come across a company that for a small one time investment of $210,you are part of this company and can reap from it's growth.In fact you can grow a business of your own.Now what you get is a replicated website,and a $200 dollar food voucher,But do not cash in the voucher yet.Go tell 2 people about this, and have them join you ,then help them find 2 .Now what you do is have $300 cash,$200 food voucher or $200 walmart card.You then go back and start another cycle you can make upwards of $1600 week easy plus your walmart cards.Well to leave it as that please do visit my site.Please watch this video in whole.

Gary Marquis

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