Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Well I went to this site and found out what it was all about.And what I found out was,that it was just another GDI builder site,so at first I was kind of turned off.Ashmax is a free marketing system designed by Mr. Ash Mufareh, world #1 GDI rep. Ash Mufareh designed Ashmax to help the average guy make a fortune online. If you want to achieve financial freedom in 100 days or less, you might want to carry on reading this page. Here are the basic facts. The total cost involved is $25. The only requirement involved is to share Ashmax with 5 other people within 20 days. You must feel confident inviting 5 others into Ashmax to earn $22k for the rest of their lives. Im sure you know 5 people who would like a monthly income like you get with Ashmax.
Ashmax is not for anyone, it is for people who really want to earn a substantial income in 2010. That is why we have the 20 day challenge to get 5 people. It weeds out all the tire kickers and grabs all the hard working, hungry people. Getting 5 people is not hard, just takes a little time and effort.Ashmax allows us to build various streams of income promoting a free system, Ashmax. Ashmax connects 2 global programs, GDI (Global Domains International) and Free Way To Success with 1 downline. The system relies on you sharing Ashmax with 5 people within 20 days. There is no need to promote either program, we promote Ashmax as 1. We earn commissions when someone who joins Ashmax follows through and joins both programs GDI & FTS. All we do is enroll 5 people in Ashmax and the system takes care of the rest. It will automatically build your downlines, replace drop outs and earn you $22,000 every month for the rest of your life! We know...ITS POWERFUL.

Both programs GDI & FTS have 5x5 forced matrices. They are sales matrices basically, when someone joins they are placed in your matrix. Based on how Ashmax works, after you get your 5 in Ashmax, the system will automatically fill both of your GDI & FTS matrices within 100 days. Thats it, get your 5 within 20 days and retire!

Its very real and it works, you only have to get the first 5, Ashmax does the rest. If you want to know how, just join for free of subscribe to our free newsletter at the top right of this page. We explain everything! Remember the Timer!!This in it's self is a sure fire way to get people moving if they want to even think of success.Now I'm thinking to myself could I do that and I said sure but let's check out some more and I contacted someone in it and we skyped each other.He showed me A screen shot of both the GDI,and Freeway to success down lines and I wanted to fall off the chair.So I joined this program and found it real easy to find 5 people to join me ,but I will keep promoting because ,it's a forced matrix in the money maker and that builds for my downline so with that being said everybody above you is also building for you after you start.Now I also have to mention that yes there is a $25 fee to get started and also monthly charges but,For the price of a pizza and a movie wouldn't you like a chance at $22,300 each and every month?The monthly charges are taken out of your commissions so you never have to pay again.Ash has guaranteed a downline of 3900 people in your downline and I would be honored to have YOU on my team join me at http://Acaie.ws see my picture when you sign up I'll contact you personally to help you get started.

By Gary Marquis

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